Apple Technical Support

Apple Technical Support

About Apple company

Apple Company is one of the best and popular companies known to almost all the hometown people and more than 170 country people. It is founded on 1 April 1976 by the three friends named as Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Due to giving high technology products to customers, it is the world’s largest information technology company by income and the world’s second-largest mobile phone producer after Samsung. It is an American Multinational Company. Apple Company was the first company in the computer technology that uses the GUI (Graphical User Interface) in their machines that mean it was the concept to develop the computer technology by using the high techniques and skills.


Apple company products

Apple Company deals in the manufacturing, assembling, and marketing of computers, laptops, mobile phone, accessories, and compact digital music players. They have manufactured too many products in the market that cannot be listed but some of them are given below-

  • iPhone
  • Mac, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro.
  • IPod – touch, Nano, shuffle, classic
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Apple energy
  • Accessories and much more.

Furthermore, it also provides the online app like iTunes, iCloud, Mac App and designs the hardware and software like ios, iPad, iPhone and much more.


About Apple iPhone

The iPhone has gained a remarkable success and reached the highest peak in the mobile world. It brings Apple’s quality of skill, levelness and excellent integrated device to the Smartphone. All the models of Apple iPhone are single sim phone. There are different models of iPhone named as Apple iPhone 3s, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 6s plus, apple iphone7, apple iphone5s, Apple iPhone 5 and many others


General features of Apple iPhone –

The front surface of Apple iPhone has only one button (home button) in the center that allows you to move to the main screen on iPhone graphical interface where the pre-installed applications are installed.


Multi-touch technology

All the iPhone have the 3.5-inch touch screen that allows the users to use multi-touch technology which means that user can control items on the screen by using more than two fingers at the same time. A touch of iPhone is super sensitive.


Storage and music listening

Apple iPhone have the very good storage as compared to other phones. Earlier models have the storage of 6 GB, 8 GB and now it has the storage of 16 GB that makes it popular. In addition to that Apple iPhone have the best quality sound. It has the capability of music playback.



Previous models OF iPhone have the one camera but latest models have two cameras in it. For the videos, HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) encoding is used and JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is used for capturing the photos in the camera app. It has the two-megapixel camera on the back and the front camera is used for video calling with your friends, relatives, and other known persons.


Battery and weather in maps

Apple battery cannot be changed and it supports the talk time up to 10 hours and 300 hour standby time. Due to the standby time, the person can continuously talk to the person up to 5 hours video or voice call. By using the 3d touch weather icon, users can local forecast weather of the area.


Microsoft Exchange Support

Apple Company has provided this more interesting feature in their phones. Through this feature, users can integrate their phones with the Microsoft Outlook accounts. This feature increase more competition of Apple Company with other companies’ smart phones. This feature can be used by the companies and organizations to keep administrators and workers connected when out of office.


Apple iPhone has many more unique specifications like iCloud storage, podcasts widgets, Voice Call Continuity for Verizon, Apple id profile, Siri feature and much more that describes it as a best-interlinked form of multimedia and internet in the market and unique mobile phone in the global.

For more details about the feature, visit world computer support


You purchased a new iPhone from a market; you need to set up your iPhone for use. To set up your iPhone, follow these steps


  • Turn on your device and you will get the welcome or hello message in many languages.
  • After that press the home button to unlock your device so that you can set up your phone.
  • Note- For the blind or low vision person, voiceover or zoom feature is available on the home screen. You can turn it on.
  • In the third step, choose your language that you can easily understand and your country or region. This will give influences about information display look to your phone like date, contacts, time and other display features.
  • Next, insert your Sim card and connect your device to iTunes, cellular network or wi-fi network to activate and set up your device.
  • Further, use touch ID feature that helps to use your fingerprint to unlock your device. This feature is best for the security
  • Now create a six digit pass code so that you can protect your data from other people. This pass code is necessary if you want to use the features like Touch ID and Apple Pay.
  • You can recover or shift your data from your old device to new device by using the iCloud, iTunes or an Android device backup. If you don’t have any backup, then click on setup as a new phone.
  • Now create your new apple id and strong password unless if you already have then click on sign in option and enter your apple id and password. Moreover, you can recover your id if you forgot your apple id password.
  • Finally, accept the terms and conditions of iOS and click on sign in option and set up your iCloud drive, Apple Pay, and iCloud keychain.
  • Now you have an option of selecting Siri feature. If you choose this feature to activate, you can be asked to speak some phrases, sentence so that Siri can understand your voice.
  • Select the display and app analytics resolutions settings and finally, your new iPhone is set up and ready for use.


You have entered the six or four digit pass code continuously six times without any time gap and your device will be locked and have seen the message of your device disabled or you forgot the pass code for your Apple iPhone. To remove your pass code, firstly you need to erase your device.

To erase your device, you are having the three options named as iCloud, recovery mode and iTunes.

Note-There is not any way to save your data unless you made a backup before forgetting your pass code. You’re all the data and settings will be erased when you remove your pass code.


To remove your pass code by erasing your device with iCloud, follow these steps-

  • Find my iPhone features on your iOS device helps you to erase and restore the device and its pass code it is set up on the iPhone.
  • Visit the homepage from another device.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID if mentioned.
  • Select the All Devices option at the top of your screen and from that list select the device you want to erase.
  • Click on Erase (device) option to erase your device and its pass code.
  • If you have the backup, then you can restore, otherwise, click on set up as the new option.

Keep in mind that you must connect your device to a Wi-Fi or cellular network to erase device with Find My iPhone option.



Erasing your device with iTunes to remove the pass code, follow the steps-

  • Firstly, connect your device to the computer you synced with.
  • Open the iTunes feature and if the pass code is required, try another computer or use a recovery mode.
  • Wait for some time so that iTunes should make a backup.
  • After the backup finished, click on the Restore button.
  • After you restore your iOS device, on the setup screen, click restore from iTunes backup.
  • Finally, you choose your device in iTunes and pick up the selected backup data you want.


Erase the device by the recovery mode to remove pass code

If you have never used the iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, then you have the choice to use recovery mode to restore your device. To erase the device and its pass code, follow these steps-

  • For applying the recovery mode, attach your iOS device to your computer and open the iTunes.
  • When your device is connected, restart it forcibly.
  • In the following step, press and hold the home button as well as sleep/wake buttons at the equal time unto you see the recovery mode screen.
  • NOTE– Do not free the both buttons unless you recognize the apple logo on your screen
  • Restore or update option will be represented on the screen and you will have to choose the restore option.
  • Points to remember-If the download of software takes more than 15 minutes, then your recovery mode will automatically exist and you have to repeat step 2 and 3 again.
  • After the process is finished, you can set up your device and use it.



How to put your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode?

DFU mode is the last step in the iPhone to stop troubleshoots the problem. With the help of this mode, you can put your device into the state where you can still use iTunes on Windows or Mac computers. This mode takes a little time to activate.

To put your iPhone into the DFU mode, follow these simple steps-

  • Firstly plug in your iPhone with your Mac or Windows PC and moreover, you should be sure that your iTunes is working.
  • Turn off your iPhone by continuous pressing and holding the switch button on the right-hand side of the device for 3 instants. Swipe the slide to power off slider to the right.
  • Push and hold down the Home button on the display of your device while still pressing down the On/Off button.
  • Keep pressing both buttons down for 10 seconds and if the Apple logo appears on the screen, and you have to hold them too large and will require starting repeatedly.
  • Let finish the On/Off Button although keep pressing the Home button for about 5 seconds and If you see the “Plug into iTunes” appears on the screen, then keep hold and press too long and will require starting again
  • Finally, if you see the screen black, then your DFU mode is enabled.



Problems occurred and how to fix them

Whether the latest technology or old models of iPhone you are using, if this problem arises, you can try yourself to troubleshoot this problem before taking help from the experts.

IPhone not connecting to Bluetooth

  • When this problem occurred, unpaired the old devices connected to Bluetooth by the following steps.
  • Open the settings from the home screen and click on the Bluetooth option.
  • Select the devices you want to forget and unpaired.
  • When the old devices are unpaired, try connecting again the Bluetooth.


  • Moreover, you can update, toggle Bluetooth, Restore the blue tooth in iTunes, and reset networking settings if the same problem arises.


For more help, take help from world computer support.


Problem of getting phone not charged

If this problem arises on your iOS Device, follow these steps to fix this problem.

  • Plug into the power
  • Do not use the USB cable and USB power adapter that is not manufactured by the Apple Company. Use the adapter and cable that comes with the iPhone. Unless if you want then use any other third party accessories, then you should check whether it is certified by Apple Company.
  • Connect your iPhone to USB cable or Apple 30 pin to USB cable.
  • After that plug your iPhone into the power sources you want. You have three options of power sources named as power accessory, wall power outlet, and computer.


By using the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port on a computer, plug your charging cable when the computer is on not in the sleep mode.

Note- Avoid using the USB ports on your keyboard.


Wall power socket

Firstly plug the charging cable into USB wall adapter and after that plug adapter into the wall.

Power accessory

  • Plug your cable into a powered USB core and other available Apple-approved accessory.
  • After following these steps, you will see the battery icon on the status bar or large battery icon on your lock screen.



If your device not getting charged or charging slowly

When you plug your iPhone by using adapter and data cable into power due to low battery, and you see the black screen with red battery sign.

Follow these steps to fix this problem

  • Check whether you’re charging cable and USB adapter is damaged, curved, breakage or not. If you notice this, replace your accessories.
  • You should use wall power outlet and check the connections between wall outlet, USB power adapter and charging cable are properly arranged.
  • Before plugging your charging cable into your device, you should remove the debris from the charging port on the bottom of your device. If you notice that charging port is damaged, then your device needs service.
  • Wait until your device gets charged for half an hour and restart your iPhone.
  • Again after the restart, charge your device for half an hour more.

After following all these steps, if your device still not charging or getting charge slows, then you need to take help from Apple customer support that is provided by the world computer support.


Warning about your accessory not supported or approved by Apple Company

These signals seem on the screen when you are using Non- apple approved accessory, the device having damaged or dirty charging port, use of faulty, damaged accessory, USB charger that you are using is not designed according to your apple charge device.

To fix this issue, follow these points

  • Remove the trash on the bottom of your device from the charging port.
  • You should try to use another charger or cable.
  • Check whether you are using the latest version of iOS.
  • Reopen your iOS device.

Moreover, you can also take help from world computer support. They will provide you the apple support for the set up of service.


About Apple company iPad and iPod

IPad and iPod use the same lock connector that is used with the iPhone, so all the accessories that are designed by the apple company can be used with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. These both are launched by the apple company but iPod is mainly used for the playing games, storing videos, music, photos and much more whereas iPad is used for the web browsing, eBook reading and have the ability to run the 140,000 apps. The main difference in these is storage; iPod can have the storage up to 16 GB whereas it has the capacity up to 64GB.

General Tips to maximize the battery life of iPhone and other products like iPhone, iPod

About software update

You should have time to time update of your iOS device software and moreover, you should ensure to use the latest version of the software to enjoy the proper services. You can easily update the software just by clicking on settings, then on the general and at last on the software update.


Optimizing and advancing the settings of device

You can save your battery life in very two simple steps-

  • By adjusting the screen brightness
  • Use of Wi-Fi


To adjust the brightness, follow this simple method

  • Click on the auto brightness option or you can dim the screen to enhance the battery life.
  • To dim the screen, open the control center by swiping up from the bottom of any screen and adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • In the iPhone, auto brightness is the best feature that helps to adjust your screen automatically according to light conditions.
  • To activate this feature, follow these steps-
  • Open the settings of your device and click on display and brightness option.
  • Choose the auto brightness option and click to ON option to enable the auto brightness feature.

Use of Wi-Fi

If you want to access the data and use the internet on your device, then you should use the wi-fi that uses less power as compared to mobile data. You can use two ways to turn on the Wi-Fi.

First way

  • Open the control center and draw the wi-fi icon and sign in to the wi-fi network.
  • Open the settings and click on Wi-Fi to access Wi-Fi network.


Setup of Low Power Mode

With the introducing of the latest version of iOS 9, it includes the feature of low power mode. This feature is used when your phone starts giving the warning about the battery life. It reduces the brightness of the display, minimizes the system animations and optimizes the device performance. Moreover, you can use all the functions of your phone like calling, internet usage, emails and much more. Low power mode automatically switches off when your phone gets charged.


  • To enable the low power mode, open the settings and click on battery option.
  • After you click the battery option, click on low power mode.
  • Moreover, you can also increase your battery life by turning off location services.

To turn off location services, follow these steps

  • Open the settings of your phone and click on privacy option.
  • You will see the location services app there and in that lists of the app will be displayed on your screen that used the location services. You can on/off those apps there.


If you have still any problem regarding the apple company products like iPod, iPhone, iPad and many more devices then you may take help from Apple support which is provided by world computer support. You will get solutions to your problem as so as possible from our well expert, qualified and experienced support team. You may take help anytime (24/7 hours) through online chat service, email service, and phone call service.