Dell Technical Support

Dell Technical Support

Have you got the problem while using the new product you have purchased recently or while using the old product of Dell Company? Don’t get trouble with that problem; we are here to help you. World computer support’s well qualified, experienced and expert team is here to provide you support regarding dell company products as soon as possible.

About Dell company

An American Multinational company founded on 4 November 1984 by Michael Dell and headquarters are in the Round Rock, Texas, the United States that manufactures, repairs, deals, and provides help and support to computers and relevant products as well as services. It is the world’s largest company in the world that plans, develops, manufacture, market, sell and provides support and services to wide range of products in the global. It provides the good quality products designed by using the high technology that can be used long term with reasonable rates.

Dell Company products

It is the one of the largest company that deals with the hardware and software products such as workstations, servers, laptops, desktops, printers, gateways, tablets, monitors, storage, displays and net working products. Moreover, it provides the best services and technical support to their customers as soon as possible.

About Printers

Dell Company affords the wide range and different quality of printers to their customers according to the demand of small and large business. It is recognized for providing the best quality and services to its customers in the market and it designs and develops the best notch printers. Dell Company provides different types of printers according to the customer needs like laser printers, multifunction printers, color printers, inkjet printers, wireless printers and much more.

Some models of Dell company laser printers-

  • 1130n – 1130n
  • 1133 – 1133
  • 1135n – 1135n
  • 2330d – 2330d
  • 2330dn – 2330dn
  • 3330dn – 3330dn
  • 5230n – 5230n
  • 5230dn – 5230dn
  • 5350dn – 5350dn
  • 5530dn – 5530dn


  • These all black and white printers are designed to work in a large business as well as small scale business.
  • The printing speed of these printers is high and they give the high-quality printouts as well as good performance due to the LED Features in it.
  • These all printers consume less energy and have powerful 400-800 Hz quad processor in it.

Models of Dell company multifunction printers with their specifications

Dell Color Cloud H625cdw Multifunction Laser Printer

Model: STP-4MYG3E


  • Having the laser technology feature and easy maintenance
  • Consumes less energy
  • Automatically double side printing to save the time of customers and papers
  • Print up to 25 pages per minute
  • Connect directly to the devices that are used to access the files for printing by using the wireless networks, USB or Ethernet cables.
  • Copy, scan, print and fax features that use the color laser Dell technology and help to increase the productivity of your work.

 B5465DNF Mono Laser Multifunction Printer

Model: STP-7V19RE


  • The powerful dual quad processor of 800Hz having 1GB memory to undertake work load quickly and efficiently.
  • Printing and copying speed up to 70ppm
  • For sharp text and graphics, the speed of print and scan up to 600*600dpi for optical resolution.
  • Touch screen LCD with dimensions 28.60″H x 21.60″W x 22.80″D
  • Double sided printing automatically with 550 sheets input and 100 sheets for multifunction like scan, fax, print, and copy.

S2825cdn STP-XT7P5E Color Smart Multifunction Laser Printer

Model: STP-XT7P5E


  • Automatic duplexing and prints up to 30 pages per minute
  • Have laser print technology for best output.
  • Having 1GB internal memory
  • Necessary security characteristics with Secure Print release, 802.1X network security, and TLS protocols
  • Scan files directly and easily to Microsoft SharePoint On-Premise
  • 4-in-1 features named as scan, print, copy, and fax
  • USB 2.0 for high speed, Client port, USB 2.0 Host Port, Ethernet port network for network connections.

Other models of Dell printers are-

  • B1160w Wireless Mono Laser Printer
  • Color Multifunction PrinterC1765nfw
  • C2665dnf Color Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Cloud Multifunction Printer – H815dw
  • Color Smart Multifunction Printer – S2825cd
  • Color Smart Printer – S5840cdn
  • Smart Multifunction Printer – S2815dn
  • Wireless Inkjet Printer – V525w
  • Wireless Inkjet Printer – V725w
  • 7330dn A3 Mono Laser Printer – Dell 7330

If you are having any problem while using these printers, you can take help and gets service from Dell support that is provided by world computer support.


General Error Codes in the Dell Printers

Nowadays Dell printers are most popular and known due to giving the fine quality of printouts with high speed. However, as you take work from any electronic device like the printer, you may notice some error codes and problems that may appear on your computer screen or display regarding your printer. But don’t get worried, we are here to know you the reason behind that errors and how to resolve them.

Error code 004-332

This error code arises when the cartridges are not properly positioned in the printer as well as it gives the indication to restart your printer again.  And can be reflected on your computer screen. To fix this issue, you need to reinsert the toner cartridges properly at desired place.


Error code 1200

When you use your Dell printer for printing a large number of copies, then the string of printer get loose and cartridges start moving front and back and pushing itself toward the printer, then this error takes place. To fix this issue, you need to tighten the strings positioned at the back of the printer.


Error code 1203

This error code appears when your printer stops working due to improper fallen of ink on the paper you want to print. This problem occurs due to printer cartridge problem. To resolve this problem, you should have time to time cleaning of ink cartridges by using the wet cloth. If you see the ink cartridges are damaged, then replace them so that you should not get problem while working.

Paper Jam Error

Paper Jam is very common error occurs during the usage of Dell company printers in the world. This error is provoked by the paper that is bodily jammed inside the printers different parts. To remove the paper that is jammed in the printer, you need to open the door of the printer carefully by following the given steps-

  • Switch off your printer so that you should not get any harm while touching the internal parts of the printer.
  • Use your hand to remove out the jammed piece of paper so that you should not affect printer mechanism.
  • After removing the papers carefully closed the doors of the printer and restart again to continue with your work.


Communication Error

When you are giving command of print from your computer or laptop to print the files by using the wireless networks but due to incorrect print command, incorrect settings, network problem or interruption in data transfer, there is the failure between the printer and the system then this communication error takes place. Moreover, if the damaged data cable and the corrupted driver are used, then also this issue arises.

To fix the communication error, you need to keep points in mind that are discussed below

  • Power fluctuation that is created by the other devices connected to the printer should be removed.
  • Sharing the same USB port for connecting the printer to other devices may also affect this.
  • Install the latest version of the software or install Dell printer driver properly to get rid of this issue.

Other common issues in the Dell Company printers’ are-

  • Installation and set up of printers drivers
  • Internet and Wi-Fi issues
  • Helping to solve the print command issues
  • Fix Dell printer spooling errors
  • Printer sharing or network issues and many more issues


If you still suffering from any problem, you can contact with Dell support that is provided by the professional technicians, well-qualified experts.  They will provide you the solution of your problem as soon as possible. Moreover, you can get help by online chat service or by sending the email to our support team. You can other information regarding Dell support contact number from the World computer support.

How to fix Laptop LCD issues?

Although all dell laptops are designed by using the higher techniques still some problems occurred due to some technical problems or improper knowledge about the use of the product. Some of the issues are discussed below with their solutions to fix them.

Laptop LCD Screen appears to black or blank

  • If this issue arises, review the A/C adapter power indicator light and if you find no light, then check on the working A/C outlet.
  • See whether there is the indication of any light on the computer by clicking on the power button.
  • While computer on, adjust the brightness of the LCD screen.
  • Then turn your computer off for examining the laptop LCD in the system setup (BIOS- Basic Input/output System)
  • Now again switch on your PC and push the F2 key until you see the system setup (BIOS)
  • Check whether any issue (lines, any video issues and much more) seem within the system setup (BIOS).
  • Note- If you are using the older Dell computers, then use the following key sequences to enter system setup
  • Delete
  • Ctrl+ Alt+ Enter
  • FN +ESC
  • FN +F1
  • Work in the Built-In-Self Test(LCD BIST) to run laptop LCD
  • Enable the VGA mode and try to boot into it.
  • After completing this process, turn your system off.
  • For the next step, switch on your system and press the F8 key when the Dell logo appears on your screen unless the advanced boot menu appears on your screen.
  • Focus on the Enable VGA mode by using the arrow keys.
  • After following these steps, check whether the video is seen in BIOS system setup or BIST LCD. If still, your screen is blank or black, contact world computer support through which you can get the Dell support customer service number.


Problem of appearing the blurred, fuzzy, color and lines

If this issue arises then follow these steps to fix this issue-

  • Check whether the Video drivers and BIOS are installed properly. In addition to that, you should have the proper information to use the video drivers and ways to download the website.
  • Examine the LCD in system backup(BIOS) and work with laptop in LCD built In Self Test(LCD BIST)
  • Adjust your video settings by opening the setting menu.
  • If accessible, connect to an external monitor and monitor the apparent damage to your device LCD.

How to Change Dell Laptop LCD Brightness?

It’s very easy to set the laptop LCD brightness. You need to follow some simple steps that are discussed below-

  • Use the Fn key and up/down arrow keys to adjust the brightness.
  • To enhance (increase) the brightness, hold the Fn key (function key) and press the Up Arrow key.
  • To reduce the brightness, press the function key and frequently press the down arrow.


How to resolve the issue of No Power Issue on desktops or laptops?

No Power issues arise when the system is not getting power from the power source or the power is not accurately distributed in the system properly. It’s very easy to recognize the cause of this issue and there are very easy methods to resolve this issue.

Try these steps to fix no powering issue of desktop-

  • Switch off your machine and check whether all power cables and data cables are adjusted properly in their connections by re plugging them both externally and internally of your system.
  • Assure whether the wall outlet you are working with is operating or not by plugging another device.
  • Connect the data cable directly to the wall outlet by detouring the battery backup or another power strip.
  • Remove the other devices like speakers, printers, flash drives and many other that are attached to the system.
  • Make sure that all the detachable media is discarded from both the system (SD cards, disks, cell phones)
  • Monitor the voltage selector switch so that PSU (Power Supply Unit) ought to be not switched to the incorrect voltage (110V-240V).
  • In case the system includes an external PSU or AC adapter, review the external status LEDs and if conceivable test with a distinguished good simulator and an associated good adapter cable. If the error is with the adapter, authenticate the status of the adapter cable on the associated good device.
  • In case your monitor is powering on and the power cable is suitable for your system, then interchange the cable within your monitor and PC to recognize wherever the error arises.
  • By using the Built in Self Test (BIST) button, examine an internal Power supply Unit (PSU) and check whether LED flash on your system.

Once you have followed these steps properly and carefully, this issue might be resolved. Unless if you still face this problem and unable to find out and resolve the fault, contact with your troubleshooting and their professional technicians, qualified experts will provide you the Dell desktop support.


Common Issues regarding videos on Dell Notebook LCD Screens

  • No video appears on the screen
  • ePSA diagnostic
  • Lines on the LCD screen
  • Brightness issues
  • LCD built in set up test(BIST)


Dell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA) Diagnostic

If your computer or Windows Tablet does not appear to be working perfectly, diagnostics are accessible to support you and classify what the problem may be and give you troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

To perform diagnostic, follow some basic steps

  • Switch on your Dell notebook and press the Fn (function key) throughout the boot process so that you should get the boot menu.
  • Then the Dell logo will appear on the screen with the notification Diagnostic boot selected in the topmost corner.
  • Finally, release the function key.

If you want any additional guidance and knowledge on how to operate the diagnostics, troubleshooting steps and report any issues found, you can take help from World Computer Support.

About Dell Wireless Monitors

Dell company wireless monitors allow your Android Smartphone or tablet Windows laptop computer with the Mira cast capacity to present the screen image to the monitor using a Wi-Fi Directly. When laptops, smart phone or tablet are connected to the Dell wireless monitor, you can approach to the mouse and keyboard attached to the Monitor and manages the devices.

You can connect your android5.0 tablet as well as smart phones by using wireless network through dual cast (allows you to connect one window laptop and one android phone together only when both have installed the Dell wireless monitor software app) together.

One important point to remember-Mac books, iPad, Sony smart phones and apple iPhone are not supported by the wireless monitors.

Features of Dell wireless monitors-

  • Connects two devices (laptop and android smart phone) wirelessly on a single large screen
  • Display content from two mobile devices and have the ability to edit with a single mouse and keyboard together.
  • Shows Full high definition video(HD) 1080*1920
  • Devices can be charged wireless on select Dell wireless monitors.
  • Wireless connectivity through the Bluetooth, and other devices that support Mira cast

Common Issues and errors in Dell wireless monitors and how to troubleshoot them


Mouse and keyboard are connected to the monitor but not working on the computer and laptop

  • Rehabilitate the connection of the keyboard as well as mouse again by detaching them from the monitor
  • Switch off the monitor for 30 seconds and then again power on the monitor.
  • After that restart smart phone or Android tablet repeatedly.
  • In the following step, open the Bluetooth settings of the tablet or smart phone and click forgot option under the Dell wireless monitor.
  • In addition to that, open the app info menu and clear the data of Dell wireless monitor app and try once more to connect them.


Laptop computer unable to attached to the monitor

To fix this issue, follow these steps

  • Restart the computer again and try to connect monitor again
  • Open the control panel and remove the wireless monitor from devices and printers.
  • Adjust the band range to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz of the monitor and reset your monitor to factory defaults.
  • Introduce the advanced wireless card drivers on the laptop computer


Video as well as audio quality not suitable

To improve these both qualities, you need to follow same steps that are given below

  • Check whether the monitor, computer, laptop, Android tablet or smart phones have the same configuration of band range.
  • You can change the band range to 5 GHz by using the home screen options of the monitor, laptop, computer, smart phones or tablets.


Error 1(connection failed)

Single Windows and one Android device can be attached to the monitor together.


Error 2(connection failed)

Only one window device can be connected at a time.


Error3 (connection failed)

When trying to attach the two windows devices or two Android devices at same time is not recommended


POINT TO REMEMBER IN ALL THE THREE ERROR: If you want to connect both machines to a monitor, the Dell Wireless Monitor software must be installed on both Windows laptop computer and Android tablet or smart phone.


Besides these all the issues that are discussed above, if you still need any information, help and any further assistance, you can take help from world computer support. Well qualified and experienced experts will provide you an alternative and permanent solution to your problem as soon as possible.