Facebook Technical Support

Facebook Technical Support

About Facebook Application

Today in this modern and high technology world, Facebook is the world greatest and most reviewing site. Popular social free networking site was founded by an Americans Chris Hughes, Mark Zucker-berg, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, and Dustin Moskovitz. It was launched on 4 February 2004.

Now Facebook is not used for the personal use only but it is also used for the online business, marketing of products and advertising purposes.

Just as like our future needs, users require many features from social media websites. But some social media websites have specific features. For example, YouTube used only for videos sharing, LinkedIn for professional networking, and much more. But if we talk about the Facebook, it includes multiple features in it.

Let us talk about the features of Facebook

  • Playing Games

Playing games is one of the leading valuable features of the Facebook as others social media sites do not have. You can play any games of your choice just installing the game in your account and moreover, you can even play the quiz and educational learning games. For example games like candy crush, Farmville and much more.


  • Sharing videos and photos

You can easily upload your unlimited amount of personal photos and videos. You can also tag your friends that you want in your albums. Moreover, you can also give privacy to your photos and videos by selecting the option only me and save your photos in your Facebook account.


  • Pinning feature

By using the pinning feature, you can display your post, status or video at the top of your timeline. You can pin only one post at one time. The post you have pinned will remain at the top of your timeline seven days until you unpin that post or update a new pin post.


  • Creating Milestone

Milestones are used to create the special events in the pages by using the visual graphics. In addition to that, you can introduce your business’s mission statement as the story. You can create milestone by clicking on the event option at the top of your screen. You can create multiple milestones on the timeline.


  • “Reply to” feature

Reply option is available for the fan pages. It is present in the admin panel where you can on/off that feature. You will find “enable replies” alternative there. Moreover, you can easily reply to the comments.


  • Making a Facebook Page and Ads

By creating Facebook page and Ads, you can promote your business, company, organizations, products and much more. You may use the status update feature on the page to give information about the recently launched products. Facebook Ads are used in the educational marketing campaign.


  • Video calling and calling feature

You can easily video call and normal call to your Facebook friends without sharing your number. For the video call, you need an excellent internet connection so that you should get clarity of your friend image or video.


  • Highlighting post feature

Highlighting posts are more effective than pinned post. You can highlight the unlimited of posts on your timeline. To highlight the post, place the mouse on the upper right-hand side on the top of the corner and double click on the star icon and your post will be highlighted. One thing you should remember that you cannot pin and highlight the post at the same time.


  • Hash tag feature

Hash tags are very easy to use and create. They are used to increase traffic on your page or group discussions. They are created by using the # sign and a word without space. These can be created by using the movie title, news article, songs and much more. There is no option of hash tag register. They are created by using the post keywords. Hash tags are added at the bottom of the posts.

For more features, you can visit our world computer support.



To use the Facebook application, you first need to register the Facebook. To create a Facebook account, follow the given steps-

  • Visit the homepage, www.facebook.com and click on the option sign up or create a new account.
  • In the next step, fill your personal information like your first and last name, date of birth, your gender, and your phone number. Don’t worry your number will not be displayed publicly unless you have the choice of privacy settings.
  • After that create a strong and unique password that can contain characters, numbers, upper case and lower case letters.
  • In the last step, click sign up option.
  • After that, you need to confirm your phone number or email you mentioned above to complete your account creating process.


  • Troubles occurred while Creating Facebook account

Not able to create account using my mobile number

  • If you are not able to create the account using mobile number, you must check whether you entered the correct mobile number by using country code like for India (+91) before the number.
  • If you already have used the same mobile number for another account, then you have to wait for several days.
  • The alternative, you can use the email id to create the account.


How can you reset your password if you forget the email address and phone number you listed on your account?

If this problem occurs, then you have the option of answering security questions, taking help from friends and using alternative email address mentioned in your account.

  • For these options, visit the homepage of Facebook
  • Click forgot your account? Or can’t log in option.
  • Enter the required information like username, date of birth and other to identify your account.
  • In the next option, select I forgot my account option on the next page.
  • Select the email that you want to access. If not, then click on No longer have to access these.
  • Finally, follow the given instructions to access your account and reset the password by answering your security question, get help from friends or else you can contact your email service, provider.
  • Once you get back in your account, you can change your username and passwords under the settings option.


Not receiving the code to confirm my mobile number

If you are creating the Facebook account and you are getting the problem of having code on your registered phone number, follow these steps-

  • Use must check the mobile number whether it is entered correctly or not.
  • You must know that you can’t use the special characters or leading zeros while typing the mobile number. If you find any mistakes, you can update it again and click on send SMS option again.
  • If you reached the code limit, then you have to wait for few days unless you can use the email id to confirm your account.



Unable to find my sign up confirmation mail

When you use the email id to create your Facebook account, you need to confirm link sent to that email id you used. If you are unable to find conformational email, then follow these instructions

  • You should check your junk mail folder and check your social emails folder if you are using the Gmail id.
  • Carefully check whether you’re entered email is correct or not. If you find any mistake you can change it and request a new code again.
  • If again you are not getting the confirmation mail, then you should use your mobile number to create the account.

Common sign in and password issues that can be occurred are-

  • Name rejected during sign up
  • password not too much strong
  • getting various errors like email address removed from the account,
  • invalid code and invalid link error message
  • incorrect password error message and many more issues


If you are getting any other problem while creating the Facebook account, you can get the Facebook support phone number from world computer support to take help.


About Facebook page (Fan Page)

Over 500 million people use the Facebook. Facebook in the era of this higher technology world plays an important role in the internet marketing. Facebook pages are created by the businessman, companies in promoting their products, share their achievements and for the publicity of singers, authors, actors and much more. You can create unlimited Facebook pages and you can have unlimited page members. Moreover, they allow the companies to complete their target of marketing in very easy, quickly and efficiently way.

For creating an effective page, you should keep some points in mind while creating the facebook page-

  • You must have the Facebook account to create a page.
  • Your page name must be same as your company name so that customers can easily find your page and remember your brand name.
  • One thing to keep in mind that Facebook page can be only created by the company, organizations and you should not use a personal profile for your page.
  • Profile picture and cover image are two important options for you to draw the attention and promote your brand. So you should select these both images that describe your company, brand, and products.
  • Post the relevant images, contents, and videos to your page timeline so that it should be consoled by the Google to increase the traffic on the page.


To create a page, follow these steps-

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on the “Ads and Pages” option.
  • Then click on pages link and select a type of business from the categories given and type the name.
  • After filling all the required information, click on the “create page” option.
  • Design the page you recently created for your business. You can add the information like working hours of the company, company location around the region, official website, contact number and other important information regarding your products and company that can make your page more effective when view by someone.
  • Connect your Facebook page to your other social media accounts if you want to invite people.
  • Don’t forget to invite your facebook account friends, they will not get know about your business page unless you let them know by inviting them.
  • You can promote your page by using Facebook ads option.
  • Finally, you set up your page by following all the instructions discussed above.


Problems regarding Facebook page and how to resolve them.

You are not able to see the page when you logged out your facebook account

This problem arises when you have mentioned the country and age information on your page profile. To solve this issue,

  • Log in your account and visit your page.
  • After you opened your page, click on settings.
  • Open the general settings and click on country restrictions and Age restriction option one by one.
  • Change the settings and save changes.
  • Finally, you will be able to see the Facebook page when your account is logged out.


Your page not emerging in the Facebook search results

To fix this issue, you need to check out your page settings.

  • Your age or country restrictions should be not mentioned on the page
  • Check whether the page is published or not.
  • Your page must have an effective profile picture, cover photo and call to action button that helps customers to contact you, book a service, online order and much other help.
  • You should mention the basic information to the about us section of your page.
  • You should keep in mind that after you created the page, it would take some days to appear in the Facebook search results.


If you have checked all the conditions mentioned above and your page is still not appearing, you can take the contact number of Facebook support from world computer support. You will be provided 24-hour service from our well qualified and experienced support team.

Moreover, if you get any other issues of customization, messaging, password and login issues, publishing and more page regarding issues. Don’t worry you are at right place. You can take help any time of Facebook support from world computer support.


About the Apps and games on the Facebook

Facebook in the era of high technology is very popular nowadays for giving all features in one roof like video calling, all types of games, news, business page and many others .Facebook has the variety of games and apps included in it. Players that are giving lots of time online or coming back online even fixed times to accomplish game goals are rewarded for the social games. The most popular games that are downloaded and played by the users are Farm Heroes Saga Candy Crush Saga, Don’t Tap the White Tile, Subway Surfers and Clash of Clans. With help of Facebook, Game developers can grow better, scale faster, and connect the world.


How can you add and remove the apps and services on your Facebook page?

If you add the apps as well as services on your page, then it makes customers easy to order and get the appointment for the services.

To add apps and services to your page, follow these steps-

  • Open your page and click on settings option.
  • On the left column of your page, click on Partner Apps and services
  • In next step click on add service and select app or service you want to add and click on Add service.
  • Follow the instructions that are displayed (on screen instructions)
  • To remove services and apps that are mentioned on page, follow these steps-
  • Click on settings option on your page.
  • Select the option partner apps and services.
  • After that select the apps and services you want to remove.
  • Click on remove option and finally click on continue option.
  • Your apps and services will be removed.


If you want to add games or apps to your homepage, you can add them from Facebook app center. Facebook app center is the core of games and apps. You can see all the features of the game before installing the app.

To add games or apps, follow these steps-

  • Open the home page and on the left side below apps option, click on games.
  • Enter the particular game or app into the search box you want to install.
  • Click ok once you find the app and click on play now option to play the game on the Facebook.



When the app or game is blocked from your account, your no Facebook information can be accessed or send you any requests unless you unblock it. In addition to that, you can remove the game or app so that you should not get any notification from game or app.

If you want to block or unblock the game or app from homepage, follow these steps-

  • Open the settings of your Facebook account.
  • Click the options block in the left column.
  • Enter the game or app name you want to block and finally click on continue.
  • If you want to unblock app or game, click unblocks option.


To block requests from an app or game, follow these steps-

  • Open the app center and click on activity option.
  • Click on block option and type the name of app or game you want to block request.
  • Click on confirm option and your request will be accepted.


One important point to note is that game or app deleting does not mean that your all information has been deleted when you used it. To delete the information, you have to contact to the developer that manages the games and apps on the Facebook.

To contact the developer, follow the steps

  • Open the app or game.
  • In the bottom right corner, click on report or contact option.
  • One thing to keep in mind you needs your user ID that can be asked by the developer to solve the problem.

To know the user ID of the games and apps, follow these steps-

  • Open the settings of Facebook from the top right section.
  • Click on the apps and hang on an app or game and click OK.
  • Scroll down and your ID is given in the paragraph below mention under the option Get help from app developers.


Facebook is the biggest and popular social media in the today’s world. So many criminals and hackers try to hack other accounts. Securing account is one of the main concerns about the social media websites. Facebook has been too much concern about their users account privacy. So here are steps given by the Facebook support to secure your account.

Lets us discuss the process through which you can secure your account


  • Mention personal information according to requirement-

You should not mention your personal information like phone number, addresses unless far business you can mention your business address and contact number. This will reduce the lot of privacy problems regarding your account.


  • Use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) browsers

SSL is not directly available on the Facebook. You have to enable yourself under account and setting option in facebook.

Insert a check mark in the box “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” that will hide your Facebook account gathering and unable to give others the information if they have software to see what you are typing.


  • Use online privacy protection services and apps

These help to give me alert to your mentioned phone number or email account if someone tries to hack your account. In addition to that, it helps users to perform monitoring, manage their account online by guarding personal identity and information on the network. Moreover, these also have the feature of stopping unwanted spam, cookies and cache removal and much more.


  • Online shopping

Don’t purchase anything online on the Facebook. There are lots of applications and services that provide discounts and other offers to you. They just note your credit card details and give to the criminals and hackers to hack your codes.


If you have any other problems regarding Facebook using, managing the account, privacy and safety and policies and reporting problem, you can take help anytime (24-hour services) from the Facebook support that is provided by World Computer Support.You can take help through our contact number, online chat service or you can email us your problem. You will be provided the solution to your problem as soon as possible by our well qualified and experienced experts.