I Cloud Tech Support

iCloud Tech Support

iCloud Overview

iCloud was earlier recognized as Mobile Me is a complimentary Internet based storage service provided by the Apple Company. This was launched on 12 October 2011 with the operating system used macOS or Microsoft window 7 or iOS 5.This iCloud is not only used for the for storing the photos, applications, documents, videos, and games but it also has the feature of backing up your library. Moreover, you can use the icloud to find your device even when it gets lost. In addition to that, it makes easy the users to share the photos, locations, videos and much more with relatives, family as well as friends. To use icloud service, you may need to have an apple ID and it must link to your iOS device or computer. Moreover, iCloud is automatically built-in to all latest iOS devices, including iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, as well as newer Mac computers. It also enables your devices to connect to one another with features like Handoff and Continuity.


Many users that are using the iCloud service are undergoing various problems while back up data account problems and many more issues. But you do not get worried. World Computer Support is here to help you. Now let us discuss the step by step various issues and how to resolve them.

How to troubleshoot the problem of backup not working in iOS 9 icloud?

This issue occurs in case there is enough iCloud storage available.Follow this given steps to fix this issue-

  • In very first step, reset the network settings by clicking on the settings option.
  • Then click on the general, then choose the option reset and finally click on the reset settings.
  • In the second step, delete all the older backups that are of no use. For this deletion, open the settings, then click on iCloud, after that click on the storage and finally click on the manage storage.
  • In case you get notification of iOS update, then upgrade your device.
  • Reset your device by pressing down the home button as well as the sleep or wake button concurrently till the screen appears black and the Apple logo seems on the screen.
  • In some before the previous step, you may require to back up your device using iTunes. Understand these steps to perform this-
  • Open the settings and select the iCloud option.
  • Next, click on the storage option and open the manage storage.
  • From the manage storage, choose your device that is unable to backup.
  • Now, wait for some seconds.
  • NOTE-Backup Options should be loaded fully before you continue as no spinning wheel appeared.
  • Now click on Delete Backup option.
  • When your last backup is deleted, then again open the settings, then click on iCloud, then backup and firstly turn iCloud back up off and then turn on again.
  • Finally, click on Back up Now option to back up the important data.


How to troubleshoot the issue of grayed out appears in settings of iCloud?

Many users have informed that iCloud option in settings on iPhone or iPad is grayed out or inaccessible as well as does not work. Do not get worried; follow this solution that is discussed below to fix this problem-

  • Confirm whether you are currently operating iOS 5 or later on your device. If not, then, first of all, update the latest version of iOS 5 or later.
  • During iOS update, check whether the restrictions are switched off or not. If they are turned on, follow these simple steps to turn off the restrictions.
  • Open the settings and then click on the general settings and switch off the restrictions.
  • In case check whether icloud is working or not.
  • Furthermore, in case it is working set up your iCloud and if you want you can turn on the restrictions.
  • Moreover, you can allow changes to calendars, iCloud as well as twitter accounts, Mails, and contacts by the simple steps-
  • Open the settings, then click on general settings, then open the restrictions option and select the allow changes option.
  • You are able to troubleshoot this issue.



General Troubleshooting iCloud Sync Issues

Firstly let us discuss the issues that arise in the iCloud sync-

  • Calendar as well as Contacts Sync Issues
  • iCloud Drive is operating on one device but not on another device
  • Messages are not syncing correctly
  • iCloud Photo Library is not showing in the new iPhone

Now let us discuss the general troubleshooting for iCloud sync issues-

  • Initially, confirm whether you have the sign into your iDevices with the iCloud account. In case to check for iPhone or iPad; open the Settings and click on iCloud and notice whether you have logged into the iCloud as well as it is running accurately.
  • Confirm that you utilize the similar iCloud account on every of your iDevices as well as computers such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Moreover, check your both date and time on your all iDevices. This results as the main reason behind the iCloud sync issues. You make set up your devices to set time as well as date automatically.



How to resolve the issue of iCloud drive that is running on one device but not on another device?

iCloud Drive is one of the advanced features launched by Apple on iOS as well as Mac OS X El Capitan. iCloud Drive storage service is simply like Drop box as well as Google Drive that provides benefits to keep all of the data from your devices into the cloud. Despite, some people have proclaimed the issue that iCloud Drive is running on one device but isn’t running properly on another. To resolve this issue, follow these two simple and easy steps-


  • In case you are having the problem on your iPhone, then open the settings and then select the icloud.
  • Click on the iCloud drive when the iCloud option is appeared.
  • Switch off the iCloud drive and after few seconds switch it on again.
  • In case the drive does not work, restart your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


  • In case you are having the problem with iCloud on your Mac, sign out from your account from the iCloud drive.
  • Then sign in again in your account after few seconds.
  • Finally, boot your Mac to examine the changes.

How to resolve the issue of Photo Library from iCloud is not showing in the new iPhone?

Besides the launching of iCloud in iOS 5 by the apple company, maximum people keep valuable data such as photos, contacts, messages as well as documents on the iCloud. Although these things work as they were designed for the most part but in the case when you try to enable iCloud on a brand-new iPhone, you can undergo some issues while transferring the photos to your iPhone. So given below are some steps how to resolve this issue.

  • In the very first step, switch off the sync and after few seconds switch it on.
  • Now open the settings and select iCloud option.
  • Now click on photos and confirm whether you have authorized iCloud photo library and in addition to that also check whether you have enabled the Upload to My Photo Stream on the page that appears on the screen.


  • Sign out from new iPhone and sign in repeatedly with the similar ID.
  • In case you have more photos, it may take some time to appear depending on your Wi-Fi signals as well as the photo library. So you have to wait until the sync process ends up.

How to attach an iCloud email address to Android?

In case you are running to an Android device from an iPhone or iPad, then you can have the feasibility of using your previously set up as well as using an iCloud email address. Your latest Android smart phone needs you to have a Google account (Gmail) unless you might require keeping working with your previously iCloud account for email. Let us discuss now simple and easy steps for this process-

  • Open the Settings by swiping down to show the notification screen and touching the gear button.
  • Click on the Accounts option unless in some phones it may be named as Cloud and accounts.
  • Now click on the add accounts.
  • In case the email option is available, click on it unless you select the Personal (IMAP-Internet Message Access Protocol) that is available next to Gmail
  • Key point-In case you select the Gmail option, then your iCloud address and accurate server settings will be automatically sent to the Gmail.
  • In case you select the email, then you will have to continue the server settings by own.

Incoming mail server-

  • Server name-imap.mailme.com
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) needed– Yes
  • Port– 993
  • Username-Name of your iCloud email address.
  • For example-michaelsmith@icloud.com, the username is Michael Smith.
  • Password-Your iCloud email address as well as password.



Outgoing mail server-

  • Server name-mailme.com
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) needed- yes
  • Port-587
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) needed- Yes
  • Username- Complete iCloud email address
  • Password-Utilize the same that you used in the incoming mail server region.
  • Click on the next or finish button to end this process.
  • NOTE-In case you get the error information in the SSL needed section of the incoming or outgoing mail server, then you utilize the Transport Layer Security (TSL) in the place of SSL.

 For further details Contact World Computer Support. They will provide you the iCloud support phone number.


How to fix the iCloud lock on iPhone and iPad?

Now you no higher have to get in trouble or get emphasized when buying an iPhone or an iPad for your personal entertainment or support. Let us discuss three basic and easy steps on how to fix iCloud lock in a few minutes.

Method-1(Fix iCloud lock through the owner)

It is very simple and easy method to lock as you can straightly contact the owner. In most situations, several iPhone, as well as iPad users, normally lock up the iCloud since a way of guarding their privacy. In case the person who sold you the device appears to be the authentic owner, then he should be in a situation to provide you the iCloud unlock codes.


Method-2(Fix iCloud lock through Apple Company)

Follow these steps to fix iCloud lock-

  • In the very first step, enter your sole Apple id as well your password to sign in your device so that you can easily access your device.
  • After access to your device, find the Find My iPhone option and switch it off.
  • Note-This is the main option that acts as the main function while locking the iCloud as the safety measure.
  • In the third step, erase all the data as well as settings by opening the settings of your iPhone.
  • Then click on the general option, then click on reset option and finally select the Erase content and all settings option.
  • Finally, after completing reset process, your device will be in default status.
  • In the fourth step, Log in with your Apple Id as well as password. After login, your device, enter your iPad or iPhone with recent details.
  • Moreover, access the iCloud option to examine whether the lock is accessible or not. If not, then you are able to fix this issue.


Method-3 (fix iCloud lock through the Official iPhone Unlock)

  • This method is the Official iPhone unlock is comprehensive, supported and speedy methods of fixing the iCloud lock. Besides the assistant of the iCloud Activation Lock Removal process, you can simply neglect the iCloud Activation Lock and eliminate it entirely from your device.
  • Let us discuss the complete process on how you can harmlessly do so that your data and all valuable information will be kept in place and cannot be corrupted.

Step-1(buy the service)

  • Open the official site of apple iPhone unlocks and there you choose the iCloud to unlock to get the iCloud unlock or activation lock feature.
  • Next, enter the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of your iPhone and select the Add to Cart tab.


Step-2(Enter your email address)

  • Fill your email address whenever needed and click on continue option when a new page will appear on the screen.


Step-3(Select the payment option)

  • Select the payment method by clicking on the option either on the pay with credit card or with the debit card.
  • After that enter your bank details.
  • When you will submit your payment, your iCloud lock will be unlocked within two or three days.
  • Moreover, you will be sent the confirmation email to your preferred email address.
  • Finally, you can use your icloud easily.

If you are having still any issue or want any detailed information regarding any topic about icloud, contact World computer support. The support team that involves the highly experienced, well-qualified experts will provide you the iCloud support phone number.