About company and its products

Xbox, a video gaming brand produced as well as controlled by Microsoft Company. This company outlines a range of video game consoles revealed by Microsoft with three consoles named as Original X Box console (15 November 2001), Xbox 360 (15 November 2005)and third Xbox One(22 November 2013) released in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations sequentially in the united states. In addition to that in November 2002, Microsoft Company launched Xbox Live being a unified Service for players to play games with a broadband network. There are many specialties involved in the Xbox live service Gamerscore, Gamer tags, and achievements. A Gamertag is a username for anyone working with Xbox Live whereas The Gamertag is linked with Microsoft account furthermore can be replaced only for a fee. In addition to that, Gamerscore is a way to display and highlight performance points scored by players while game play on Xbox consoles and Xbox marked games.


About Xbox App

Xbox app was introduced by the Microsoft Company and supported by the Android phones and iPhone. Users can easily download this free app from Google Play Store. The Xbox comprises of very good features in it. Some of them are discussed below-

Remote control-

The Xbox App makes it easy to operate and manage your Xbox One. Besides simple click and swipe, the App allows you the users to browse the web on your system. Moreover, helps to access media controls to pause, the maximum speed of browsing as well as makes you easy to watch your favorite films and TV programs repeatedly.

History of Games

Xbox app has the feature of showing all your interesting and famous gaming moments in one roof(place).Moreover, you can review the performance of the game played by you with the help of game clips and screenshots you have taken. In addition to that, you may also check the game scores of all windows 10 devices.


Social chat and Cross-device multiplayer

The Xbox App has the very interesting feature of social chat. You can register for a group chat while playing the same game or different game. Furthermore, you may also invite or connect friends in the multiplayer games even if they are using an Xbox one or Window 10 PC. You may also make teams as well play against your friends in multiplayer games.


By using the messenger through the Xbox App, you may message your Xbox Live community or start a new chat with your community to get the tips of games, discuss the newest games introduced. In addition to that, you make also join the teams for historical epic experiences.

For detailed information, visit World Computer support.

You are using the X box for playing and you are experiencing some problems. So let’s discuss that common issues occur in Xbox and how to fix them.

 How to troubleshoot external storage detection on Xbox One?

For external storage drive to save the games and apps for the Xbox One, you need to fulfill the following requirements given below-

  • Use USB (universal serial bus) 3.0 connection unless if you are using USB hub, then it must also possess USB 3.0 or next.
  • Memory storage capacity must be 256 GB or higher.
  • Commonly drive develops with the preformatted partition. If not, study manufacturer instructions.
  • If these requirements are not completed, then devices will be used as media storage like for music and video.

For more information about How to manage storage on Xbox One, contact Xbox Support.

Points to remember

  • Only three external drives can be attached to the console at concurrent.
  • While setting up the Xbox One, your drive will reformat. So you make sure that you do not have any important data on your hard drive before setting up.


How to detect your external storage?

While you join an external storage device to Xbox one, it will automatically detect the device and move you for the further process. In case it does not show, you need to follow the given steps to confirm whether the storage detects your device or not-

  • Firstly, push the Xbox button to initiate the guide
  • Under guide menu, click on settings
  • Further, select all settings and after that click on system
  • Now click on the storage option and click on Mange storage option that appears on your screen

Storage device list will appear on your screen and if you see your storage device then it is detected by Xbox one console, if not in list Follow the given below steps.



How to fix the issue when Xbox one console does not detect an external storage drive?


Assure whether you have installed any latest update to Xbox one. To check, follow these steps-

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select the settings and click on all settings option from the settings menu.
  • Now click on the system and you will view console Info and updates.If you see the update available, then you need to install that update to Xbox one.
  • After the installing of the update is completed, again open the settings<system<storage to check whether your device appears in the list or not.

If you are still facing the same problem after performing these steps, you can take help about Xbox support granted by World Computer Support.

Point to remember-Your Xbox one will not automatically install when there is any recent update. You need to update manually to detect your external storage drive.



Change the power management for storage in case in Instant-On mode

If you are in Instant-On mode, follow these steps to change the power management for storage:

  • Hold the Xbox button to initiate the guide.
  • Select Settings and Click on All settings option.
  • Select Power and open the Power mode.
  • Finally, change the settings as when the Xbox is off, switch off the storage.


Resolution -3

  • Firstly Switch the drive and then after few seconds reconnect the drive.
  • Attach the drive to another USB port on the console.
  • Complete a “full reboot” of the console by the following steps-
  • Push the power button on the display of the console around 10 seconds.
  • Switch on the console repeatedly and then notice whether it identifies the external drive.

If you still experiencing the same issue contact Xbox support that is afforded by the World Computer Support.

How to Uninstall Xbox One games or apps?

In case if you’re hard drive memory gets loaded, you need uninstalling some games or apps that no longer practice.

To uninstall the games or apps, understand these steps-

  • Open the Xbox homepage and click on my games and apps option.
  • Choose the game or app you want to eliminate from your hard drive and click on the Menu button.
  • Choose Manage game or Manage app option and select one of the following ways to uninstall the game-
  • Choose the section where the game or app is saved. For instance, choose Internal in case the game or app is saved on the Xbox One hard drive and click on Uninstall all.
  • A simple way is to choose the game or app logo, press the Menu button, furthermore select Uninstall button.
  • To erase stored data, choose the saved data file and then press the Menu button, furthermore select Delete saved data.
  • Finally, click on Uninstall option to verify the deletion.

For more information on the games and apps, contact World Computer Support.

How to Troubleshoot Random Identity Generator (RIG): No Game or Chat Audio for Xbox One?

Follow these steps to fix this issue-

  • First and foremost, assure that the MS adapter is tap into the chat audio.
  • Note: The MS adapter is a Microsoft exclusive USB jack that needs buying a further adapter, Xbox One Stereo headset adapter, that allows chat audio with RIG.
  • Next, modify the mobile and game/game/chat sound player on the RIG Mixer to get audio in the headset.
  • Afterward, ascertain proper attachment of Xbox One chats audio cable to either the RIG Mixer also Xbox One stereo headset adapter.
  • Search Random Identity Generator with another Xbox controller, if possible, to help manage the source of the problem.
  • Moreover, secure the inline microphone mute switch is off.
  • Assure that the mute key on the Microsoft adapter is off.
  • Attach the microphone both forms.
  • Finally you are able to fix this problem.


Troubleshoot game or app installation problems on Xbox One

 Two types of issues that arise in game or app installation are given below-

  • Download needs a long time or does not complete
  • The download does not begin or breaks in between.

NOTE-In case any specific error code or status code appears on the screen, you make take help from the world computer support about the errors. They will provide you the Xbox support phone number.

Let us discuss these two issues and how to fix them

ISSUE-1(Download needs a long time or does not complete)

You may notice this issue when –

  • Your installation is taking a long time to complete.
  • The progress bar for download or update has not forward for a while.

To fix this issue, understand these steps that will help to identify whether there’s an issue with your network while downloading a game or app on your Xbox One console and provide you the solutions to improve network speed.

Resolution -1

In the very first step, check the downloading speed by the given steps-

  • Click on the right side of your home screen and select the installing<the game or app name you are downloading>
  • Open the file section of my games and apps to see the download speed of the game or app that you are installing. You will get the current speed of the downloading.
  • If the speed you notice is less than 1 Mb/s (megabit per second), then it will take a long time for completing the downloading.


Point to remember-Your connection speed must be at least 1.5Mb/s  in case you want to connect to Xbox Live.

Resolution -2

Secondly, close all the working programs and games.

In case if want to present the best gaming experience, background downloads are forced while a game is operating. To remove download restrictions from games or apps existing installed, either wait for the Xbox One to check the running game, unless can force games to finish by taking the following steps-

  • Operate to the most newly game from the files of games and apps on the home screen.
  • Select the game and press the menu button and click on quit option.
  • Finally, the most recent game has closed and now again check your downloading speed of the game or app.
  • Furthermore, if you want your downloading speed of game or app high, then do not begin any game or app until the completion of downloading new app or games.


Resolution -3

Third, restart your Xbox One console by the following steps

  • Click on the Xbox button to initiate the guide.
  • Then select the settings option and click on restart console.
  • Click on yes option to confirm and by doing this your current downloads will automatically delay until your console gets restart and your delay downloads will automatically continue installing after the restarting of the console.

Point to remember– In case you are incapable of obtaining the Guide or unless the console seems to be suspended, then simply push and hold the Xbox button on the console around 10 seconds continuously when the console turns off. When the console closes down, touch the Xbox button on the console repeatedly to restart.


Restarting your Xbox one console will close all open apps and games. Once console gets restart, check whether your downloads have resumed or not by the following steps-

  • On the right-hand side of the home screen, hold the A button to open my games and apps.
  • Select the Queue option and check whether the game you trying to download the show as Installing or not. If not showing, then move to the further step.
  • Select the game or app and press the menu option. In case their status is showing paused or queued, click on resume installation.


Delete the game or app installation and suddenly reinstall it again

If above-discussed solutions do not fix your problem, follow these steps to delete and reinstall game again-

  • Press the A button to open my games and apps on home screen.
  • Select the game or app you want to install from the queue.
  • Now click on the menu button on the controller and choose the option cancel.
  • To reinstall the game you can insert the disc or download newly from the Store. For downloading the game repeatedly, search the game you want to install, furthermore choose the game in the Play Store and finally click on Install option to install the game.

KEYPOINT– Check the speed of downloading when you started installing the game or app.

If you still having any issue regarding this, contact World computer support.

Let us discuss now the other issue-

Issue-2 (The download does not begin or breaks in between)

Examine the following given resolutions in case the download does not begin or breaks in between.


If you want to download any app or game, firstly review the Xbox Live service status. In case you notice any alerts here, then wait till the service is operating up and then repeatedly try.

Resolution -2

  • Log in right Xbox Profile.
  • Open the Xbox profile and verify whether you have logged in with the right profile that basically obtained the content. In addition to that review your connection to Xbox Live.



Examine for system update

While downloading the app or game to Xbox Live, if the error appears on your screen is “Download Stopped” error, then you may need to update Xbox One console before the downloading.

To check whether the update is required or not, follow the steps given below-

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Then select the settings option and click on all settings
  • Open the system option and click on console info and updates.
  • If the update is required, then it will be shown in the list given and in case not, then you will get No update available will appear on the screen.


Resolution -3

Examine the space on your hard drive.

To get assure whether there is spacing hard drive to install the game or app, follow these steps

  • Double-click the Xbox button on your controller; furthermore choose Notifications option in the guide.
  • KEYPOINT-Moreover you can inspect your notifications by simply click on Notifications option on Home.
  • In case there are any notifications concerning low or unavailable hard drive space then Xbox One will warn you when your system is working slowly.
  • In case there is the warning regarding low hard drive space, you will have delete content to release up space unless adding an external drive to Xbox One.

In case you want to erase data from Xbox one hard drive, follow these steps-

  • Drag the right trigger (RT) and next click on A to open my games and apps from the home page.
  • Search the apps and games you want to delete.
  • Select the one game or app from the selected list you want to uninstall.
  • Click on the menu button on your Xbox One controller, further more click on manage app or manage game option.
  • Choose the installation and click on the Uninstall all option.
  • Continue with this as far as you have sufficient free memory on your hard drive.


After following these all the solutions that are discussed above to fix this issue, incase still you are experiencing any problem, contact World Computer Support. They will provide you Xbox Support Phone Number.


How to troubleshoot problems while updating Xbox 360 console?

If Xbox 360 consoles software unable to update successfully and the following error and notifications will appear on your screen-

  • Due to disc unreadable, an update of software does not take place.
  • Update from the disc is not read. For this reinsert the disc to continue the update.
  • Unable to download the update.

To fix this issue, let us discuss the resolutions one by one

Resolution 1(Attempt to install the update repeatedly)

Follow these steps for this

  • Firstly restart the Xbox 360 and after that click on the guide on the controller.
  • Open the settings and then click on the system settings.
  • Now select the network settings and from the list select the wired network or your wireless network name.
  • Click on the Test Xbox Live Connection.
  • At last, click on yes option if you are suggested to update Xbox 360 console.



Resolution-2(Download your profile of Xbox 360 again)

In case after an update, you might get a warning “Connection to Xbox Live has been lost” while you working to begin a game or an app unless you may be logged out of your account. To fix this problem, downloading your profile repeatedly by following the given steps-

  • Open the social menu from the Xbox control panel (Dashboard)
  • Click on log in or log out option.
  • Choose the download profile option by scrolling right.
  • In case you are logged in then log out your account.
  • Now after you sign out from your account, select download profile.
  • Now write your registered Microsoft account username as well as password.
  • Finally, you will be able to fix this issue.


How to fix the Error E82 problem in Xbox 360?

This error E82 or system error warning appears on the screen when there is the problem with the console.

Let us discuss the easy and simple resolutions for this problem-


Use original Xbox 360 console that is approved by the X box company. Moreover, you may also use the Flashing light solutions for this problem.



  • Detach and then reconnect all accessories. In addition to that Test the connections of all the Xbox 360 accessories.
  • Separate the hard drive properly and carefully.
  • Separate each USB flash drives.


If you are still experiencing issue about this problem and in addition to that if you have any other inquiry, needs detailed information, Contact World Computer Support. They will provide you the Xbox Support Contact Number. Their well qualified and experienced support team will give you the solution of your problem as shortly as possible.